General explanation

Why Us?

Stop spending your money on scam projects and poorly developed software and start using UMBRELLA. Our software is made by experienced and competent developers, unlike other providers. We only offer self-coded software, removing the need for third-party reselling


How anti-cheats work

To facilitate understanding, we can say that most of the best anti-cheats works as trophy systems. Each vector detected in your cheat is added to this system. If your vectors exceeds the limit, you will be banned.

Why is 100% undetected generally a lie?

Many other providers claim that their cheat is 100% undetected. Although when these software programs do not lead your account to an immediate ban, there are a series of vectors that are flagged by the anti-cheat. However, for not exceeding the point system limit they don't decide to apply the ban immediately.

We believe

While incompetent developers call their cheats "rage" software, adding many functions to justify the fact that their product is detectable, our software is built to make your account survive the long walk, avoiding detection vectors.

Umbrella is superior

Even though we are always focused on drastically reducing detection vectors, we managed to bring customizable, private, and quality software for a much more affordable price than our competitors. Stop being limited by inferior cheats. It is time to use Umbrella.